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TWENTY-SIXTH TALK           527

•decline absolutely to take the help in that way.1 They
say: t( I am going to have a special outpouring qf
grace and saivation for myself and I won't share it
with anyone else." •» If your love and devotion is real,
yes, perhaps you will get something, but you will
have caused much more trouble than was necessary.
It is hardly worth while, you know; it is better for us
to accept His method, than to insist that He should
go out of His way to follow our methods.

All these things are very clear when once one
understands the principles on which they work, but
so very many people never try to understand the
principles.  They think that Nature must bow to
them. There is a whole class of people who have
that sort of idea. They won't have it in the way it
is ordained ; they will have something quite different;

they will prescribe the conditions. They are in their
way along the line of religion, like those investigators
at spiritualistic seances, who want to prescribe the
conditions under which manifestations should take
place. It is a very* silly attitude of mind, because we
are only beginning to learn the rudiments of those
great spiritual sciences. There is no line of investiga-
tion in the world in which you can prescribe what
the laws of nature shall do.

You have heard of savages before whom electrical
phenomena were shown, who declared that they were
due to trickery. The savage Chief would say: "I
see all this is connected by wires, you are doing it